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Virtual Internship 

  • This is a 13 weeks program.

  • There is no stipend as we will not be utilizing the work of intern and there is no time constraint from our side.

  • Virtual internship will provide you same environment as you will get in the industry.

  • Mentorship option will be available to students even after the completion of the program.

  • Everything will be done virtually and task/project and other deliverables will be assigned through dashboard.

  • You will get both individual as well as group assignments during this internship.

  • There is a registration fee of 20 USD which is one time fee and there is no fee after this.

  • This fee will be used for admin, mentorship, webinar and program management.

  • Data Glacier will not utilize the work of interns and intern will have full right to use and brand the data product/code developed during this internship

  • This is intern driven program.

  • This is not a course.

  • Data Glacier will provide the Internship completion certificate after successful completion of the program.

  • Data Glacier will educate intern on relevant topics of this internship through webinars (given by industry experts)

  • Intern will get opportunity to understand end to end lifecycle of Data and Analytics (including data engineering).

  • Please email us for more details.

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