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Virtual Internship


We provide virtual internship in the following areas:

  • Data Science

  • Machine Learning

  • Natural language Processing

  • Deep Learning

  • Computer Vision

  • Data Engineering

  • Data Analysis

  • Data Visualization/BI

  • Software Development (PLSQL)

We follow agile (Scrum/ Kanban) in our internship and training on the same will be provided as part of onboarding process. 

Internship is 12 weeks plan and plan will be shared with candidate when they onboard in our virtual internship.

Candidate will learn following things during Data Science virtual internship:

  • Agile Framework (Scrum/ Kanban)

  • Business understanding 

  • Our approach to solve the data problem

  • Model analysis

  • Model deployment (on-prem /cloud)

  • Model calibration and monitoring

  • Model result presentation 

  • Team collaboration

The person doing the work will get the main benefit from the arrangement.Data Glacier will not take any benefit and this program provide almost same environment as you get in the industry.

This program is more like learning point of you and application developed during this internship is completely owned by intern. Data Glacier will not use the application/code developed by intern for their benefit.

If you have any further questions please do write us at

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